Wedding Car Hire – Terms & Conditions

Agreement Wording

Carousel Carriage Company, hereafter known as “Us/We/Our,”

You/Our Customer, hereafter known as the “Client.”

These are our standard terms and conditions for bookings made directly with us. For bookings made through a third party or agent, please refer to their Terms and Conditions.

By making a booking with Us, both parties agree to all terms set forth in our terms and conditions herein and on the reverse of the booking form/agreement.


The services provided to the client will be as follows:

To hire to the client a wedding car, hereafter known as the “Vehicle” for transportation to wedding venue, (and onward transportation of the married couple to reception venue if different). This will occur between preset times and on a specific date, hereafter known as the “Event”.

The client agrees to assist in providing details of any decorative materials required, for decoration of the vehicle, which is included in the hire charge. Without this cooperation, we cannot guarantee that the desired colour decoration can be provided. If no arrangements are made or details supplied, a standard (cream/ivory) decoration will be used.

While we will consider the client’s input on the desired route, the Carousel Carriage Company driver on the day will execute the final route decision. This includes route changes due to traffic, road closures, diversions and other conditions that may occur out of our control. The hire charge includes any route changes on the day of the event without additional payment required.

Payment and Liability

A deposit is due at the time of booking and signing the agreement document. This deposit is non-refundable in case of cancellation by the client, and any due-balance will be payable by the client according to our terms and conditions. The full due-balance including payment for any additional requirements (less deposit) will be due at least 31 days before the event. In the extremely unlikely circumstance that we must cancel this contract, the deposit will be fully refunded within 7 days from the date of cancellation.

The client agrees to indemnify us from any suit or legal action arising from the use of our vehicle for the event. The client will be responsible for all expenses and legal fees arising from any type of action.

Terms and Conditions

1) On the day of your special event, our vehicle will be fully valeted prior to leaving our premises and travelling to the pick-up address, however, we can not guarantee that the vehicle will be 100% ‘perfectly clean’ if there are adverse weather conditions, which can cause ‘fresh’ deposits on the vehicle. In the event of inclement weather we accept no responsibility for this.

2) It is the responsibility of the client to verify that the published details, dates, times and addresses are correct on our ‘Wedding Car Contract’ and all bookings are accepted based upon the times and itinerary stated therein.

3) Vehicles will be automatically reserved at our discretion for a period of 7 days after emailing to you our quotation, any and all due deposits must be paid within that time and bookings are not ‘confirmed’ until the due deposit has been paid. Please note deposits are non-refundable.

4) The full remaining due-balance on your booking must be received by us at least 31 days prior to the confirmed hire date (Event), or by the due date specified in your booking form.

5) Any cancellations must be made ‘in writing’ with signature to confirm (not by email), and received by us, no later than 31 days prior to the confirmed hire date. Any deposit paid is non-refundable and the following cancellation fees will apply;

If a cancellation is received within:
31 days of the hire date, 100% of the full due-balance will still be payable.
60 days of the confirmed hire date, 50% of the full due-balance will still be payable.
90 days of the confirmed hire date, 25% of the full due-balance will still be payable.


6) If the client fails to make payment of the full remaining due-balance by the close of business 31 days prior to the confirmed hire date, this will be deemed as a cancellation of the booking. The booking will then be cancelled and the full remaining due-balance will still be payable.

7) In the unlikely event that we are unable to complete the booking for reasons beyond our control, an alternative vehicle will be offered or a refund given (minus our actual costs). Beyond this we will not be liable.

8) Every care is taken to maintain our historic vehicles in excellent condition, in the unlikely event that the vehicle booked is unable to complete the engagement owing to mechanical failure, accident or any other cause whatsoever, then whilst we will endeavour to provide an alternative vehicle, or return any prepaid deposits or hire charges, no liability will be accepted by us for any consequential loss.

9) Although we will endeavour to meet deadlines we accept no responsibility for any delays, however caused. No responsibility will be accepted for restrictions relating to vehicle access at any location. The client is responsible for the conduct of all passengers. The driver may terminate the booking at his discretion and no refund will be due if the client or passengers cause excessive delays, are disorderly or, in the driver’s judgment, are unfit to travel. The driver may refuse to transport passengers or luggage if the vehicle is overloaded. We do not allow Smoking or eating food in our vehicles. Only Beverages / Champagne supplied by us may be consumed inside the vehicles.
 Although our vehicles have luggage space, we find it advisable for you to have friends or family transport your luggage and belongings to venues. In the case that you do decide to use our vehicle for transportation of these items, sole responsibility for these items will be the client’s.
 Confirmations of any and all bookings are subject to the client accepting all the terms and conditions, once the initial deposit has been paid, this constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions.

10) For your piece of mind on your special day, we always recommend that you arrange for someone to act as your back up vehicle; someone who would be happy to step in and drive you, should any unforeseen problems occur. This should be an event guest, as they would be close at hand during the day, you would need their Mobile phone number with you, for contact on the day should you need it. Although we do have an alternative vehicle to use, this would take time to arrive, and someone who is close, would certainly keep the event timings in place. This advise is designed to give an alternative option for you should you need it.

11) In the unlikely event that our vehicle ‘failed to proceed’ (broke-down) on the confirmed hire date, we would attempt to get another vehicle to the location as soon as possible or, if we are unable to get one of our vehicles to you, attempt to arrange alternative transportation for you, or offer a refund minus our actual costs, no liability will be accepted by us for any consequential loss and No additional damages may be sought. The total amount of liability will be the amount paid to us less any cost incurred in providing another form of transport.

12) All Event vehicle hire will feature a £75.00 additional charge per hour, for periods in excess of 15 minutes over the contracted times in your booking. Additional mileage (in excess of 20 miles included in the contracted booking) will feature a £30.00 per additional 5 miles travelled payable in advance (or on the Event day if not pre-arranged).

13) For pickup / collections made between 23:00 – 06:00 an additional surcharge of £30.00 will be included in hire charges.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to be updated from time to time, without notice.

Last updated: 01 May 2016

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